What is ‘Mutant X: Issue 1’?


I’ve always been a sucker for alt-world stories. Stories where black can be white, up can be down and bad can be good. I also like comics that are set off in their own little corner of the multiverse, valid and yet seperate from everything else. Free to do what they want in service of the story. That’s why in an age of epic crossovers I’ve decided to dig into my long box and see how things used to be in a little comic lost in the age of google searches in favour of a low rent television show that nobody liked much better but had far better reach. So if you’re here for the very early 2000’s low budget Candian Marvel show about a group who are most certainly not the x-men then you are going to be disappointed for this is Marvel’s comic book spin off of a group who are not quite the X-men. This is…

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