Trekkie survey!


I’m not sure how many of you I still have reading this blog nor how many of you may be fans of ‘Star Trek’. But ‘Crude Reviews’ who do some of my favourite reviews of Discovery are trying to figure out just what a Trekkie actually is. So if you have a spare five minutes could you head on over to…..

The Great Big Crude Review Star Trek Survey

and leave your two cents. It’s all anonymous of course. Though bare in mind that ‘a handful of the questions are intentionally provocative, relating to social / political issues. All of these bar the first are intentionally left optional, and all are intended to be as open to all viewpoints as possible within the limits of a multiple-choice survey question. If answering these questions would make you uncomfortable, or if you think they don’t sufficiently describe your opinion, please feel free to skip them – that said, responses to these questions are of particular interest, so if you can answer them honestly, please do.’

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