What is ‘The Best Teen Titans Team’?’?


The Justice League turned out fine but their kids. Somethings gotta be done about their kids!

As usual this is stolen whole sale from ‘Geek History Lesson‘. This was probably the hardest one to do yet for me simply because while most of their teams seem to have been designed to fill certain stereotypes and cliches; muscle, brains, etc, this team was designed from the ground up to emulate a specific incarnation of the team. The classic Perez/ Wolfman version with Robin, Raven, Starfire, Beastboy and Cyborg. The problem being that you are only allowed two of that line up at best.

Which segues nicely into the rules………..

You must have a;

  • leader,
  • alien,
  • magic user,
  • tech,
  • rookie,
  • and a wildcard.

Only two can be from the now world famous ‘Teen Titans Go’ line up of Robin, Raven, Starfire, Beastboy and Cyborg.

You can’t just use a full family unit meaning no Super family or Bat family for all your spots.

And while the Teen Titans have had older members in the past and some temporarily younger members you can’t have anyone who wasn’t introduced as a teen in the comics. So Kyle Rayner is out but you can still have Wally West if you want him.


Leader: Stargirl

I always knew I wanted this team to be more than the ‘Young Justice’ league, leaving the DC universe with a three or four other teen groups running around. So I decided to grab the teen from the oldest group going because if DC can’t get them in continuity yet then there’s no way we’ll be seeing a true Infinity Inc for a looooong while.

While it’s strange to take Courtney away from the JSA, that’s the main reason I struggled to justify putting her in this spot, a) they’re not around right now and b) It might be cool to see her fly the nest. She doesn’t have the old boys to back her up and her name might not carry as much weight with this team as it did with the All Stars.



Alien: Miss Martian

This would probably be my second in command and after ticking off the JSA rep for my team it’s time to make sure I’ve got a JLA rep for my team. You might not think I’d have to make sure I’ve got that box covered considering whose been in the JLA, hint everyone, and this is a DC comics super team but apparently I do, because it’s me and I’m super hipster apparently.

As you can possibly tell by the picture I would have the whole white martian past play a part with her no longer hiding this behind green face paint. This will also play with a few of my other teen recruits who are dealing with a less than pleasant legacy too.



Magic User: Warlock’s Daughter

While DC has a fair few magic based characters they don’t have many in the right age group. My first thought was to use Tim Hunter bit I figured I needed someone a bit more flights and tights for a Teen Titans team. Then I realised that if nobody is using the Shadowpact right now they won’t mind me stealing one of their members for a bit.

Darla is the daughter of a crime boss; raised from the dead by a z-list villain. There isn’t too much else to her so no great risk of tripping over old character portrayals. What we do have is a teen brought back from the dead with magical training who isn’t particularly one way or the other. She has no great desire to right the worlds wrongs nor a desire to rule it with an iron fist. She fell in with the Shadowpact just eager to get out of magical juvie and stuck with them for the rest of their short run.



Tech/Cyber: Natasha Irons

I first, really, came across her in ’52’ where she struck a cord by going against the old guard and most importantly her Uncle ‘Steel’. Now she was completely in the wrong there but I like the idea that may team aren’t holding the big wigs on a pedestal. I’ve talked about growing up on ‘Young Justice’ and one thing I remember from that run was Bart adamant that he would never be ‘The Flash’ and certainly never be ‘Kid-Flash’ because by the time he was done they’d want to be him.



Rookie: Stephanie Brown

What’s that? You can’t have a Teen Titans without a Robin? Hold my beer, I got this.

Okay so I’d probably go with Spoiler actually as I’m not a huge fan of multiples of the same name running around at the same time. Steph was probably my easiest pick for the team as she’s the one I think of when someone says DC, teenage, rookie. Not that people are often in the habit of saying that to me. I know Detective comics were doing some stuff with her and she’s gone through enough costumes and code names along with mentors that she’s probably not really in the rookie category anymore but it’s my list. She’s a character right now whose had her legacy taken away from her and been usurped as both Batgirl and Robin.



Wildcard: Slobo

If you need to spice up your team there’s nothing spicier than the main man. Of course he’s not a kid, well except when he is, but fortunately there is a teenage Lobo running around out there whose even teamed up with a mainstream teen super heroics group on Earth. He was not as blood thirsty and violent as the main man (but then who is?) but had a decent heart and a fair amount of tech know how. Granted he was dying last time we saw him before being zapped into a statue in the far off future but comics have pulled people back from worse.



Extra: Krypto

These kind of books can end up taking themselves too seriously so I thought I’d bring my young team back down to Earth by giving them care of Krypto. As I’ve said I grew up on ‘Young Justice’ and despite the dark pasts most of my characters are carrying I’d want this book to emulate that; at least at times. I see Krypto doing that. He’s technically the most powerful member of my team and would be available for an assist if needed but he would also need to be walked and bathed. This would provide a few good background gags and can even expand to single issues if you want. Not to mention back up stories where Krypto goes it alone while my team deal with hormones, bickering and romance.



Close Call: Brainiac 5

There were a few close calls for this list but none closer than Brainiac 5 who danced between the alien and tech roles before dancing off the list entirely. Truth be told I think I wanted him more to tick off another teen super group, the legion of superheroes, than for the character himself but he would have played nicely with the theme of legacy coming from the robotic loins of one of Superman’s greatest foes. However like Courtney he would be more likely to hold the adult heroes in high regard so as not to leave Stargirl as the only optimistic, bright spot on my team. Either way if you want to count him as another extra you can do so or if you want to swap him out for one of either of the two previously mentioned roles, that’s fine too.


Don’t forget to leave your list down in the comments….

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