Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Trailer


So the trailer for the new Star Wars is out. It looks … interesting.

First up the title, despite being about somebody who is now dead, and thus probably unable to rise past the six feet he’s buried under, rings wrong. Like a bad fanfic title. We’ve never named and shamed in the titled before. We’ve had titles but never their christian name. Episode three wasn’t ‘The Fall Of Ani’. Episode four wasn’t ‘A New Hope From Tatooine’.

Though if it’s not about old Luke himself then who is it about? Rey? I mean she would be the logical choice but if we’re gonna retcon the parents are nobody thing already it begs the question of why we bothered to do it in the first place and also what are the fans who actually like that plot point gonna say? The people who championed the hero rising from nothing instead of a generational legacy. And before you say, Ben doesn’t count as a Skywalker. Yes he has the blood but he’s a ‘Ren’ or a Solo and certainly not enough of a Skywalker to warrant the title being named so. Also if it is Rey then why the hell didn’t Luke say so. And before anyone drags out that “certain point of view” line then I call shenanigans when it’s your own flesh and blood and possible daughter.

Then there’s the trailer itself. Now it doesn’t tell us much. Good. I hate when trailers give you all the movie in bite size form before it’s even close to out yet. But what the trailer does seem to have is Palpatine and the remains of the Death Star. Now maybe this will be symbolic. Maybe the laugh is to show the shadow of Sheev hanging over our tale. Maybe Rey goes to Endor to pick out a Kyber crystal from the ruins of the giant, orbital, space, laser to build her own lightsabre to move away form the past. But do we really think that’s what Mr J.J ‘My name is Khan’ Abrams is going to do. If we’re gonna dig him out as some clone of the Emperor we all knew then a) maybe it would have been helpful to set this up before the final act of your story and b)maybe not pinched something else from the old EU. Or at least stolen something better. Sam says it’s like someone not ordering chips and then taking from your plate. But at this point is it not more like someone trying to steal your broccoli?

I haven’t tackled what I think of new Star Wars directly on this blog before. But hey, I’ve got plenty of spare time. Maybe I should.

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