Four Against Darkness: The RPG


It’s the middle of lock down and I decide to run an RPG for our minis group online. So do I finally crack open that copy of Vampire the Masquerade sat on my shelf? Do I blow the dust off my very tatty 2nd ed rule books? Do I have another go at my punny MLP/ 40k cross over, rpg, Dark Horsey?

Or do I just grab the closest book to hand and run with that. The closest thing being a solo, rouge-like, dice chucking, dungeon crawl requiring nothing but a simple set of rules, a few d6, some paper, and a pencil. That being …. 

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Have you so little faith in your own people? Yes, there is weakness. There is frailty. But there is courage also, and honour to be found in Men. But you will not see that. – Boromir