The Union Review


So now that Excalibur is busy doing cross overs with the X-men and rewriting the cosmos someone needs to step up and defend Great Britain. That being….

Please note that this will be a fairly spoiler heavy review of issue one so those wishing to go in blind then this may be a post to skip as there isn’t really enough present to know if this is good or bad. This is an intro to the team though not quite an origin per say. The five main members are already together before page one though they don’t have a name yet nor any wins under their belt. Instead they are still playing wargames with Union Jack and some army men vis the team in a game of uncapture the flag.

This Union Jack is not the classic hero but instead the new working class hero from the eighties. He has a nice bit of banter with the army man shadowing him. The rest of the team don’t really get much to do. Two of them show off their powers with one psychic scream and one manipulation of water while the third is big. But that’s missing our other member named the greatest hero of England and the united kingdom. Britianna is sold to us a lot.

We start the issue with a cartoon that seems to ape the start of Superman vs The Elite and go from there. The t.v presenters don’t want to talk to the vampire slayer whose fought alongside Captain America and defended the British isles since before anyone there was born but instead wish only to speak to her. Now as I was reading through I was ready to question why. Surely Captain Britain is our greatest champion and clearly it’s not the same one knocking around currently and would serve as a good excuse to get him out of that stupid Captain Albion outfit. But let’s say not. I was ready to question why this team wasn’t being led by Excalibur, though her name may cause some confusion, or Lionheart the Avenger.

Meggan and her super genius baby aren’t really being used by Excalibur at the moment so why not them. If you want to score some nerd points you could dig out Dark Angel or Motormouth. I was ready to say all of this but it seems I don’t need to as she is dead by issues end. Now obviously I don’t know what’s going to happen in issue two and it’s possible she will be back by comic book magic as her death is rather pointless and out of left field meaning that it was either a very silly set up style twist for the audience or is leading to something else. Yes she managed to kill a dragon in her death throws but it’s only around for a few panels so it hardly feels like it counts.

Speaking of Dragon’s this is a tie in to the big Venom event going on in Marvel comics at the moment. The book was originally planned for the last mega event but got bumped to this one for some reason or another which makes me question how intricate the whole crossover is to this endeavour. Granted the dead dragon manages to leave behind a bunch of symbiote covered soldiers for our heroes to deal with but the last event had zombies so either seems fine thus far.

So what about the Britishness of the book. We have a reference to morning t.v which I thought was aimed at Holly and Phil until I realised that they called her Suzanne so I now question if the Phil thing was a fluke. There is a reference to the Boaty Mcboatface poll which I thought was a bit outdated even had this come out with the last crossover instead of this one but a quick internet search tells me people are still making it with a skate park called Skatey mcskateface in 2019 and the Dutch having to deal with a similarly named sluice. So maybe I should let this slide.

As it stands this isn’t a bad first issue thought I doubt anyone is going to come out of this book knowing anyone other than Union Jack even if ignorant of his history.

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