Excalibur 002: A Warwolf Possessed


In the highland of Scotland, in the abandoned steel work factory just next to stone henge, a young mutie is being hunted by a highly armed, numbered, and armoured strike team working for someone named Vixen. Thankfully a small robo-head, I shall call Widget now to save time later, creates a portal to safety. He has to save him because Excalibur are still too busy dealing with ….

Kitty is their prisoner and Excalibur is in hot pursuit and causing quite a ruckus in the process as the importance of minding the gap is stressed to the visiting yanks. Dai Thomas is used as a get out out and Nightcrawler is already getting some of the attention from the fairer sex. I don’t think I mentioned Dai before, a hold over from the early Captain Britain comics. He operated as a kind of a mix of Commissioner Gordon and JJ Jameson for the young patriotic hero but that relationship has improved somewhat by this point.

While they’re stuck around dealing with paper work Kitty is stuck in the lair of the Warwolves where the comic helps to set the mood for the series as a whole by having them crack open a six pack and then get shouted at for not hanging their skins up neat and tidy. Kitty can’t appreciate this moment as she’s scared to death, unable to phase out of harms way due to her powers being on the fritz and is shortly there after eaten. Not a great end to one of Marvel’s star mutant team but and end none the less.

Meggan takes a cue from future Excalibur member Rhane to track down the lair. Not in time to save Kurt from being the dessert course for the Warwolves but fortunately he’s got one warwolf with a dicky tummy to do that for him. Turns out the wolf that tried to eat Kitty is starting to take on a rather familiar form.

From here it’s a simple crash bang and wallop to the end of the first story and a good story to start with it is too. Throughout there’s enough hooks dropped that are bizarre enough to make you question if they are leading anywhere and the team is established fairly well. We have Meggan and Kurt eyeing each other up over the table. Brian marvelling at Kitty’s handiwork. Kitty getting jealous of the attention Rachel is receiving all of which are going to become big story lines running forward. Even the solution of dumping the beaten warwolves in the zoo handles the balance between comedy and straight faced nature fairly well with someone in the crowd calling out restraining sentient creatures for display.

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