The Union: Issue 2


The British isles are under attack from alien dragons and everyone else is wrapped up in some crossover or other leaving us with only a collection of nobodies and Union Jack in ….

I wasn’t that impressed with the last issue. I think that was clear. This feels, like a lot of modern comics, a little too short but overall I think this is a fair improvement. You still don’t get a decent look into the minds and characters who make up The Union but you get a bit more of an idea who they are through a flashback to the Choir and her background. We see her being recruited for this whole dam fool crusade and we can figure that Kelpie and Snakes are much the same. I think it gives us some idea of this set up and who they are as well as Britianna. This first one comes in handy considering how they end this issue. The second of these helps to give us a sense of loss over “Britain’s Greatest Hero”.

As for the plot of the issue it’s not great. The symbiotes have come, conquered and promptly buggered off after recruiting The Choir into their ranks. Now this was presumably to get control of her sonic powers and this isn’t pointed out by our heroes because they don’t know this which makes sense. Why the rest weren’t also enlisted the comic can’t say and it does the awkward thing of pointing this out for us. Snakes and Kelpie get some hand waving of being mutants or some various super powered person. I don’t think that is helping the rest of the Marvel universe at the moment but sure. Why they didn’t take captain flag they can’t be bothered to think. I know stuff has to happen for the sake of the story but it’s a fairly big hole and pointing it out doesn’t help.

Either way we’re onto the fair and the big fight of the issue. Now this is well drawn but it fails to mean anything really. Choir is captured. Choir is rescued. The symbiotes are beaten. The art is good this issue and the fight well drawn but the short nature of it means it fails to feel like it means anything. It seems that the comic is more about building character which considering that it what I was moaning about last issue it would be a bit poor of me to take issue with it. However that doesn’t mean I won’t.

This is still, to the best of knowledge, a five issue limited series, and I worry they may spend too much time setting up a team that won’t exist past issue five when they should be focusing on telling a good tale. Even having said this Snakes is still just stood around in the background looking menacing and the two base line humans haven’t done too much to stand out amongst the team.

I’ve not been reading the whole King in Black storyline and this comic doesn’t make me feel like I should. They mention cities being under attack and we’ve just had symbiote attacks that have taken out Britain’s greatest hero. Yet the end of the issue and the big threat for part three is Union Jack keeping the team together due to contracts. From what little I’ve heard this might have fit better with Empyre, which is when it was due, but I can only take the comics as they come and read them as they are presented.

For those wondering there are plenty of references to Brexit this issue, given the limited page count, some overt and some less direct. Considering Brexit means some people will struggle to get this comic that seems ironic or fitting. I’m not sure which. This is a far better issues than number one but to say whether this is worth a read is still dependant on what the next few issues look like.

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