Star Wars: Legacy 002


It’s been seven years since the death of Cade Skywalker and Darth Krayt ascended to the imperial throne. The Jedi are all but wiped out from the face of the galaxy but a small band gather on the planet of Daluuj in the hopes of a brighter future ….

It seems the Jedi are tired of all this sneaking around and have decided to return. Master Sazen, remember what I said about the poor choice of names for this series, has gathered them in some sort of robot graveyard to discuss the plan that amounts to little more than; step one: find the kid that’s been assumed dead for seven years, step two: ?, step three: profit. They are then ambused by the Sith and a fight is used to kill off the superfluous characters and motivate Shado to join him. Now this fight is well drawn and rather dramatic but it takes up the first ten pages of the book and it feels like it as well. It gives us surprisingly little sense of the world we are in and it feels like we could have done something a bit smarter. We’ve had the big Jedi v Sith fight in issue one to hook us in and that hurts this one. Either should have started here and flashed back to issue one later, which we will do anyway, or we could have gone for a smarter opening here; perhaps with our Jedi already on his tail or following up some lead or even breaking out of, or maybe even into, some Sith/ Imperial garrison. It’s not bad, I kind of want to stress that but I found myself flicking through it a bit quickly to get on with things.

The next bit of the book is far more interesting and introduces us to our main character Cade Skywalker; death stick huffing bounty hunter. They’re here for a being called Naxy but find a Jedi in the bargain. Already the dialogue, while suffering a bit from telling people stuff they would already know does feel less exposition based than last issue. They comment on their being a Jedi and how they may be worth quite a few creds they’re typically quite hard to find thus this seems to be their lucky day. If they can cuff and collar him. This doesn’t help the first part of the book feel any more worthy of being included. Now don’t get me wrong Sazen and Shado are going to become important characters in the story but scene of the Jedi trying to get off planet before bumping into some bounty hunters and assuming the worst plays out far better and tells us more of the world around us than some N.P.C’s on some unknown barren rock. Heck considering that this Jedi, Hosk, will be a fairly important plot point for the next fifteen or so issues I wouldn’t have minded spending the first few pages with him. Maybe trying to get to said meeting, we did see, and failing due to how hard life is on the run for a Jedi in the grim darkness of this far future. Let us pick up world building cues and clues as he slinks form shadow to shadow, maybe healing a young child at risk of exposing himself as he tries to carry on the Jedi way despite all that has happened. Considering we already saw Sazen and Shado in issue one and will see them again in the future and we learnt so little from our time with them for the first third of the issue I wouldn’t object to something a bit smaller than a pale imitation of the force fight from the previous comic.

We also see our first taste of Cade not being quite so bad as he may appear though in a nice enough way, thanks to the dialogue, that you can’t be sure he saved the Jedi’s life due to compassion or a higher reward. Considering how much emphasis they’re going to put on Cade’s arch out of the gutter over the first few issues alone the fact that we don’t make him to likeable out the gate helps.

Speaking of unlikeable we come across one of our main villains of the piece in this issue. Darth Talon. Now even if you’ve not read Legacy their is a good chance you know who she is or have at least seen her before. Some fans like her and some like her design. Some said that she exploitative and others have defended it by saying she drew from ancient pict warrior women and thus the tattoos have to be on show for this image and connotation to work. To me she looks like someone took the twi’lek from Jabba’s palace, cos their sexy, and Darth Maul from the prequel films, cos he looked kewl, and smushed them together. If this was just some fan art or something then fine but compare her to someone like Asajj Ventress and she feels a little flat, unoriginal, and boring. The thing is they don’t really do much to help that in this issue as she kills her master under the orders of Darth Krayt establishing her as his unthinking right hand killer before being sent off on her mission to use the princess Marasiah Fel as bait to lure out her father the emperor from issue one. Now if they had shown her in action prior to this I may have found her more interesting; done something akin to Shadow Hunter, by Michael Reaves, it would have built her up into something more than generic star wars evil pin up girl. As it is I just lamet that one of our main characters of the series only gets to appear on the final page, that being the princess herself. Not that her final page is great itself. She wants to go back and avenge her fallen friend in a great, shadowy, stare off camera before they decide to go with a running away shot that is really let down by the art work. Again showing how we can go from good to bad from panel to panel. With less exposition I think this issue works better than the last but we still seem to be having teething issues that let the thing down.





One thought on “Star Wars: Legacy 002

  1. “To me she looks like someone took the twi’lek from Jabba’s palace, cos their sexy, and Darth Maul from the prequel films, cos he looked kewl, and smushed them together. If this was just some fan art or something then fine but compare her to someone like Asajj Ventress and she feels a little flat, unoriginal, and boring”

    Thank you for saying that. I’ve not read Legacy but whenever I see Talon that is my thought. Yes she looks cool, but it seems artificial.

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