The Union: Issue 3


So now that the whole symbiote invasion is over and dealt with it’s back for our plucky band of adventurers to get back to being a team. A team called ….

Yeah that whole King in Black tie in is done and dusted it seems and that suits me just fine seen as I haven’t been reading the rest of it. That’s not to say things are all happy days for our merry band as when last we left them Union Jack had been lumbered with role of team leader and neither him nor the team seemed too happy about this. Things are going to get worse for them as Choir is going to have a run in with some less than savoury characters and Union Jack has to deal with the next round of auditions.

He’s going to be joined by some guy named Bulldog. No prize for guessing which country he will be representing in the union. I like him. He’s a bit cliché but this almost works in his favour. He bursts into Jack’s apartment and tries to beat the snot out of him and when asked why he simply says that “it’s the super hero way. Beat one another up and then join forces against the mutual enemy.” Despite him just filling in the resident angry short man spot on the team I already quite like him. My only issue is that his face makes him look like the adverts warning of domestic violence around the world cup. Now maybe this was some deep cut reference relating to his anger and shoot from the hip approach but if it was it might still be seen as a bit tone deaf and could do with a change should this team make it beyond a mini-series. Either was he is brought on board to help rescue the Choir from a caravan holiday in Wales. Which is a very British experience.

So it seems she has been tracked down by a Doc Croc which is a nice bit of foreshadowing with the cartoon crocodile in issue number one. Okay so that was an actual crocodile but I can easily see him being made such for kids T.V. We can’t all be Batman and have a rogues gallery seemingly designed for Saturday morning television after all. This is the issue where we start get a bit more on our main cast. It doesn’t come out and tell us why the bad guys are after Choir but I think it’s better that it doesn’t. They spend their time building some mystery and plot both inside the team and out of it. Even our handler is seemingly, suddenly, important to the plot though I don’t have a hundred percent faith where he is going. It could be good or it could be bad but at the moment it’s nicely shrouded in mystery to keep you guessing and coming back next week.

Even Snakes gets somewhere though it seems to reveal that he is just some snakes stood atop each other in a big coat. While that doesn’t seem that great a story beat I’ve got to admit that I didn’t see it coming. It’s just a shame that Kelpie, despite getting the cover to herself this month, is still just stood around making up numbers. This doesn’t look like it will change given the set up for Choir and Doc Croc next issue and that’s a shame though I suppose you can only do so much in five issues.

This was the best so far though I should point out for those who haven’t read my other reviews that the bar hasn’t exactly been sky high thus far. Still it’s got my excited for next issue.

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