Star Wars: Legacy 003


So now that they’ve picked up their bounty and a Jedi all our heroes have to do is drop them off a nice reward. What could possibly go wrong in ….

it may seem like the Jedi getting free is just filler for the first few pages but a) it doesn’t burn through a third of the book like we have done in the past, b) it’s a cool little scene, c) it will be important later on in a way that, had I not pointed this out, would have had you skimming back through your back issues to see if it were true. But none of that is important right now. What is important is the reward of some lose credits and a few brightly coloured death sticks thrown on top for good measure. After all the boss man knows he’s good for them.

This is a really good little scene to show us who Cade is. This isn’t some bright eyed little farm boy, slave, or desert scavenger dreaming of seeing the stars. This is a man who has hit rock bottom and then vibro-bladed still further down just to see what’s there. This character work gets better when he gets back to the Mynock and we get our first real cameo. Luke Skywalker. Or maybe it’s seeing him turn on a dime; from willing to blow his own head clean off to make this all go away to playing it off like a man without a care in the world. Not only is this not like any other Skywalker we’ve ever seen but it doesn’t feel like any other character in Star Wars we’ve ever seen.

It’s kind of neat to see the ghosts being given such identity by just having the source of their haunt not wanting them there in the first place. Like some of the series, even thus far, it’s doing a good job of taking the old tropes of Star Wars and giving them a fresh coat of paint all by making us view them from a different point of view. Not that this has worked on everything they’ve given us thus far but I definitly feel like this is the issue where the series starts to find its footing. If someone could edit down the past two into one manageable chunk for me that would be great. Heck considering this series had both and issue 0 and an issue 0.5 given over to names, dates, and places maybe we could have used one of them for the prologue.

So how does a man like Cade get caught up in saving the galaxy well it literally comes knocking at his door. Remeber the princess from last month? She’s here and looking for a ride off planet away from Darth Talon. Apparently the Mynock was the first ship she came across. I don’t know if this is the result of rushing, pacing, or just the writers focusing so much on character that the plot slips them by. Neither the princess of the handmaiden are quite ready to be much more than plot points as of yet so don’t rely on them for anything decent this issue. Of course the droids arguably did much the same in A New Hope but maybe it was the extra steps that saved it. They didn’t crash their escape pod just outside the Lars farmstead after all. There was more to it than that and maybe if they had booked passage while Cade tried to make a few extra credits to ease the burden of being cheated by the boss man I would have been okay with that. The fact that these two are related probably makes the things worse. Yeah so was Luke and Leia when he bumped into her on the Death Star but he was bound to when she is the one who sent the message in the first place. I’m not sure quite how closely they are related and I know it’s pretty distant but the case against this scene is growing.

Meanwhile on the Imperial planet of Bastion Emperor Fel there’s a bit of galaxy building as we’re shown that the Empire isn’t as whole as we may believe with two factions, evident in this issue alone, that will become important to the coming galactic war. We get more of a sense for Fel himself than his daughter in this issue as he works out the trap that has been laid for him and orders no rescue for his daughter in a few lines of dialogue that make me believe that he truly regrets it. These orders are given to his Imperial Knights. Red armoured lightsabre wielding henchmen who are neither Jedi no Sith. We’ve seen them in prior issues but we haven’t really had an explanation for them yet and we won’t be getting one any time soon. Jedi and Sith work easily as the counter to each other. One good and the other evil. I even get the concept of Grey Jedi and those that walk between which is technically what these are except not. Now they have a decent origin in the old books as the Jedi fell out of favour for the Vong attacks mentioned previously but I feel like these are just kind of there. We don’t really do anything with them just ensure they are there to up our overall lightsabre count per issue. Once again we’ll spend a bit more time with them down the line and maybe it’s wrong of me to want everything explained and laid out so soon into the series but right now they come across as a bit bland. Like a “cooler” version of the Imperial guards from Return of the Jedi.

Despite complaining so much it does feel like we’re really getting into things now and this is quite a good issue.

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