What is the week that was?


This week in the week that was;

Stephen Amell might be the best thing DC has at the moment,

A popular television show might be being brought back,

A popular, upper class British actor will be getting work in Hollywood,

Hollywood struggles to adapt a popular eighties cartoon,

Fox comes to the conclusion that they might have messed up X-men a bit too much,

A superhero gains a secret identity

As another looses it

All this and more in the week that was.

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What is the week that was?


This week in the week that was:

Michael Bay might be a perv;

DC is bad at crediting creators;

Even Anime is running out of new ideas;

British comedians form their own political party;

Politicians sometimes tell lies;

Hollywood starts to realize that you can do accurate superhero costumes;

A major studio tells us it was only joking when it makes a mistake;

And a sitting down, social casual game is now a recognised sport, no not that one;

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What Is The Week That Was for 1-2-2015


This is the week where….

Superheroes fought injustice and hatred

Gotham manages to beat you round the with a villains future

Men don’t want women taking their jobs

Clones will have something to do with Star Wars

David Tennant will be in another geek franchise

George R R Martin won’t have a book out anytime soon

And a National treasure will be retiring

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