Who is Missy: Doctor who S8:E11 Dark Water



Okay I wasn’t planning on doing another update today and I certainly wasn’t planning on reviewing the latest episode of Doctor Who. In fact the plan was to wait till next week, review the whole thing as a whole, moan about the usually over complicated and generally unsatisfying ending Moffat has given us and call it a day. Maybe with a link to the Christmas trailer.

However at the end of part one we have found out the identity of Missy and seen as how it will temporarily break the internet and certainly derail any review I put up next week I thought it best to get some words out on the matter now. Now there are a few things to mention first:

Number one is, spoiler. Duh

Number two, is that quite a few people have already guessed it which is what I guess we can expect when Moffat tries to do a twist that works rather than getting too far up itself.

And finally number three is spoiler. Duh. Now I know I’ve said it twice but it’s so important I thought it was worth repeating.

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