What is Dice of Arkham?



Okay, now that we’ve figured out how to roll dice and assign them let’s try taking that up the mountains of madness, in the shadow over Innsmouth and most importantly try to Re-animate my last post on solitaire, print and play titles. In this game you play an intrepid investigator racing around the globe to stop an evil cult from resurrecting one of the old gods, an ancient evil from before mankind walked upright, whose return would begin an age of chaos and madness.

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Solitaire board games


With the recent rise in popularity of board and general table top games there has come something spoken of in hushed tones in the corner of game rooms, a subject that will have the magic the gathering nerds laughing in derision and Warhammer geeks guffawing. Solitaire table top games can take many forms with many big box games offering a solo variant and others having solo rules dreamt up by the social outcasts craving human contact from the recesses of boardgamegeek and then finally there are the small solo only games that are creeping into what should be a sociable and friendly hobby. But why do people play them and should we burn them at the stake or dunk them in the fish pond and see if they float or sink first? Continue reading