What is Community S6: E1&2 ‘Ladders’ and ‘Lawnmower Maintenance & Postnatal Care’?



Yes the popular nerd sitcom is back ever closer to its lifelong dream of #sixseasonsandamovie. However the most important thing to note is where it is continuing, see Community has now gone online and you would expect for that to mean something like Netflix or Hulu but you would be wrong, then you might think of places like YouTube but you would also be wrong for it is now streaming on Yahoo. Now I didn’t know Yahoo did videos I hear you cry and outside of the north Americas you would be right mostly for over here in the U.K it has a handful of ‘viral’ videos and a handful of old Monty python clips. No if you want to watch it over here you have to tune in to ‘Sony TV’ Wednesday nights at ten, a whole twenty four hours after the states get it and on that box in the corner you use to play your Xbox.
So after struggling with the rabbit ears and finding batteries for the remote I was ready to begin.

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