What Is The Week That Was for 1-2-2015


This is the week where….

Superheroes fought injustice and hatred

Gotham manages to beat you round the with a villains future

Men don’t want women taking their jobs

Clones will have something to do with Star Wars

David Tennant will be in another geek franchise

George R R Martin won’t have a book out anytime soon

And a National treasure will be retiring

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Ghostbusters 3, reboot?


Ghostbusters 2 was released in 1989 and pretty much since then we’ve been waiting on another instalment which was definitely going to happen. Except when it wasn’t. But it was going to have all the major cast. Except when it wasn’t. So it was going to focus on an all new cast. Except when it wasn’t. So eventually they just made a computer game and called it a day, except they didn’t. Thus we now have a movie that is technically still in pre preproduction with a script from Dan Akroyd, or at least involving Dan Akroyd (possibly in the same way that Gene Rodenberry was involved with the latter Star Trek movies) who everyone is hoping can resurrect this better than he did ‘The Blues Brothers’.

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