What is ‘Heat Vision and Jack’?


We’ve had pilots from Ron Weasley, Doctor Who and ever Shaggy but this could be hard to ever top for most star power in an unpicked up t.v pilot. In the distant year of 1999 we have Jack Black then and up and coming comedian, relativly unknown outside of the comedy circtui butonly a year away till “High Fidelity”, Owen Wilson a bit part actor from a number of projects but only a year away from “Shanghai Noon”, Ben Stiller one time t.v actor, one time Emmy winner and only a year away from “Meet the Parents” and Dan Harmon a guy known for singing about masturbation  and yet only ten years away from Community, I know that seems like a relatively long amount of time but the show’s just that good and no I haven’t seen Rick and Morty yet. All of them got together for a television pilot called ………………………….

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