What is ‘the best Star Trek crew’?


I’ve done personal team up lists before and this one isn’t too different, though we’ve scrapped the tights and flights for laser beams and space suits. This is the best………………………………..

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What is ‘Doctor Mordrid’?


Dr Strange is out now and thus we are now well into phase three of the Marvel cinematic universe, complete with brand new intro which does away with those pesky comic books in favour of the shiny, new and much more successful movies, which will take us from here to ‘The Infinity War’ and possibly into the ‘Inhumans’ depending on whether the t.v and movie side of Marvel can kiss and make up. Not to mention that right now Marvel are actually well into production on phase four.

For some this can be a lot to keep up with; not only in terms of continuity and plot but also money. After all as soon as most major cinema chains get a whiff of a Marvel release they hike up the prices for the next few weeks knowing that you’ve got to see it or you’re out of all office gossip for the next two months or until the next major release comes along. Even Dorris the lunch lady is questioning you these days on how much of Mar-vell they are going to get into the Captain Marvel movie and will T’challa be leading the then current line up of the Avengers.

But what are you supposed to do? You’ve just ordered twelve graphic novels off Amazon, in a drunken stupor, so you would be able to follow this movie. Were they just a waste of money?

Fear not true believer! Is this the movie you want? No but it’s the one you deserve. For this is………………………………………………………………………………………..

dr Mordrid

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What is Motivational Growth?



Motivational Growth starts with the death of Kent. Kent is the only friend Ian has left in the world, they have a pact that they would be there for each other to the end, though in truth Ian always assumed he would be the first to go. Kent is a 1964 Commodore television. This might seem sad but it’s better than being left with the plants who were always plotting something untoward.

This is the end of the road for Ian who decides to end it all. Unfortunately Ian has never been good at plans, or action hence why his only friend in the world is a television set and he hasn’t left his apartment in over a year. Now when you fail at most things the answer is death but it seems that when you fail at death you might be given salvation, a friend, guidance and a steady hand. Unfortunately for Ian this comes in the form of talking mold.

‘The Mold’ as it wishes to be known offers him a deal, give The Mold till the end of the week to turn Ian around and if not he can go back to filling his bathtub with chlorine gas. After all what’s the worst that can happen?

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