What Is Justice League 3000


Justice League 3000

Back in whenever, DC comics(which is like typing atm machine when you think about it, though perhaps the best way to quickly establish which DC  we’re on about and not have people think Superman is in the White House. Except when he is)the whole history of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman was reset and rebuilt from the ground up to be cooler, grittier and less complicated. Except where things were going well which they just skipped over for fear of trying to fix what wasn’t broke. This meant that everyone was a tortured douche, but they didn’t wear their underwear on the outside anymore, you know that thing everyone had stopped making fun of ages ago. Anyway the new 52 has been plodding along ever since with fans loving the twists and turns and people who don’t like it predicting it’s collapse any day now with a heartfelt apology from DC and a return to how things used to be.

One of the comics launched in this run was a series called Justice League 3000 which set out to turn the Justice League into a group of angry, tortured douches with the twist being that they are now running around in the year 3000. Here an alien force known as the five has taken over half the known universe and are stopped from taking over the other half only by Cadmus. However Cadmus is loosing the fight and they need help soon, big help.

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Justice League War


Justice League War is the newest animated movie from DC and based on the new Justice league origins the first storyline from the new Justice league series set in the new 52 continuity. As can be gathered from my review thus far this is new, brand new, so new you’re liable to cut yourself on the plastic wrapping and yet just like buying that new set of scissors and launching into it with teeth and claws it feels somewhat old. Just to clarify before we continue I will be focusing on the movie here and not the comic but of course some commentary on the new 52 is to be expected.

While DC has had a rather lousy run in live action the animated department has so far been quite good with a mix of adaptations of old graphic novels and brand new stories. However this one marks a change in the proceedings. Like in the comics this movie follows on from the flashpoint storyline where the universe was rewritten and already there are promises for a follow up with the throne of Atlantis storyline. In fact even the upcoming son of batman movie will carry Jason O’Mara over as Bruce Wayne so if we’re going to be putting up with this League of Justice for a while let’s see what they’re like. Continue reading