What is wrong with ‘Tom Holland’s Spiderman’?


I saw the new Spiderman last night and I can see why people are raving about Michael Keaton’s portrayal of an flying creature based comic book character. Slightly less so Tom Holland’s version of old web head himself. Now don’t get me wrong he’s probably the best one yet. Toby could do a decent Peter but failed when it came to Spiderman, while Andrew Could pull off the web slinger but was a miserable Parker. Tom is truly the guy who can do both. But if there’s one thing I’ve figured out is that you don’t get anywhere by being nice on the internet. Thus this is what’s wrong with…………..

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How I would do ‘MCU: Phase 4’


We’ve now had about ten years of Marvel movies and we’re pretty much locked in for another ten but despite their master plan we actually don’t know how we’re getting their. Is this so they don’t spoil their own presentations again by confirming the likes of Iron Man 3 and Thor before Avengers is even out or is that because right now so much of it is up in the air? Either way once Avengers 4 hits theatres in 2019 we’re at the end of Phase 3 and this is how I would tackle ……………………..

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What is the week that was for 11th January 2015


Of course the big news this week was the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris but I don’t think, as someone who spends their time online discussing the various spidermen in Marvels latest overpriced crossover, I’m really fit to be discussing that. So instead we’re going to look at…

Idiots handle terrorist attacks,

Child hood actors go off the rails,

America wants to white wash a pointless remake of a foreign film,

Sony thinks more superhero movies are called for,

Scottish people go missing,

Film company thinks splitting a movie into multiple parts might make more money,

And an upcoming film gets a trailer to promote it.

This is the week that was.

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