Why does BBC’s The Watch look so different from the Discworld Watch?


Many years back it was announced that they would be doing a series adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s City Watch with the BBC. Then for years we got nothing leading many to believe that the series had fallen into development hell never to be seen again. Then at the start of this year we got word that not only was this not dead but filming was under way and we would get to see what we had waited so long for….

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In other news; I don’t want to live on this planet anymore


I don’t watch reality t.v.  I don’t care whose getting with who on the love island or what the celebrities are eating in a jungle. However no reality t.v show has struck me with quite so much anger and dread as the new series from Netflix called ‘Prank Encounters’.

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What is wrong with Pewdiepie?


For a while now youtubers have come under attack from the regressive left, we’ve seen them stripped from the rankings for questioning the status quo as SJW’s march blindly on under their one banner. Yet have they now gone too far, has our political correct nanny state got to the point where a billionare can’t pay people to hold up a sign they can’t read saying “Death to all Jews” without coming under attack?


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What is the week that was?


This week in the week that was;

Stephen Amell might be the best thing DC has at the moment,

A popular television show might be being brought back,

A popular, upper class British actor will be getting work in Hollywood,

Hollywood struggles to adapt a popular eighties cartoon,

Fox comes to the conclusion that they might have messed up X-men a bit too much,

A superhero gains a secret identity

As another looses it

All this and more in the week that was.

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What is the week that was?


This week in the week that was:

Michael Bay might be a perv;

DC is bad at crediting creators;

Even Anime is running out of new ideas;

British comedians form their own political party;

Politicians sometimes tell lies;

Hollywood starts to realize that you can do accurate superhero costumes;

A major studio tells us it was only joking when it makes a mistake;

And a sitting down, social casual game is now a recognised sport, no not that one;

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