Everything wrong with Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit part 1


Perhaps it is best to preface this with the fact that I am big fan of The Hobbit as written down by J.R.R Tolkien. I first read the book when I was perhaps seven or eight when my elder brother brought it home as part of his homework. In fact it was many years before I moved onto The Lord of the Rings and though I enjoyed the text, feel it somewhat bloated next to the tightly told account of the Dwaves and one unlikely Hobbit attempting to reclaim their lost treasure from a greedy Dragon in a mountain far away.

However I can not abide what Jackson has turned it into and here I intend to lay out what I consider the problems, why they are there and what could be done about them to turn the whole thing into a worthy homage to my childhood favourite. Beware that spoilers will lurk in wait for the unsuspecting reader though I shall do my best to keep them from the path you shall tread.

But where to begin, why the beginning of course.

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