Best X-men Team?


Geek History Lesson is a podcast that typically takes one character, group or construct from pop culture and reads the wiki page to you for about an hour. Hosted by a guy described as the Jar-Jar Binks of podcasting the series occasionally tries something a bit different.

One such episode allowed the two presenters to pitch their own X-Men team. Now they laid down the ground rules and so now, with nothing better to blog about I decided to try my own.

So I present to you the ‘Best X-men Team’?

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Welcome to Night Vale: a review


When people first mention Welcome to Night Vale shows such as Eerie Indiana or X-files are often thrown around as a basis for newbies to understand what they are letting themselves in for. Now this isn’t a completely strange comparison but it doesn’t quite do the show justice, as it feels more like somebodies turned them up to eleven, gotten completely smashed and tried to read them back to you. You see’ Night Vale’ has supernatural threats and conspiracies like others have bake sales and car jackings. Regularly Night Vale will have such experiences so far past the point of understanding that Fox Mulder would be forced to hide under the covers and weep gently to himself, in fact often the only sane response is to “say nothing and drink to forget” a motto for the show both inside and out. Continue reading