What is Second Quest?




Well first things first I can tell you what “Second Quest” isn’t and that’s Legend of Zelda. No siree. A kickstarted graphic novel “Second Quest” tells the story of Azalea and her friend Cale, living on on an island high up in the air. Explorinjg dungeons for hidden passages and forgotten trinkets like ocarinas and boomerangs. Azalea and Cale must balance this with learning of their islands past of kidnapped princess and pig faced bandits. Okay maybe it’s a little like Legend of Zelda.

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What is the week that was for 11th January 2015


Of course the big news this week was the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris but I don’t think, as someone who spends their time online discussing the various spidermen in Marvels latest overpriced crossover, I’m really fit to be discussing that. So instead we’re going to look at…

Idiots handle terrorist attacks,

Child hood actors go off the rails,

America wants to white wash a pointless remake of a foreign film,

Sony thinks more superhero movies are called for,

Scottish people go missing,

Film company thinks splitting a movie into multiple parts might make more money,

And an upcoming film gets a trailer to promote it.

This is the week that was.

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Miles Morales Ultimate Spiderman issue 1: a review or why we can have a black Johnny Storm but not a black Nicky Fury


I planned to talk today about the new issue of Ultimate Spiderman launching this week and give my thoughts and opinions on it and yet as they have now announced the casting of Storm senior in the latest Fantastic Four movie and reawakened the race talk I believe I need to give my opinion on this. Fortunately I believe I can combine the two topics into one ham fisted blog post so here I go. Continue reading