FTL: Advanced edition a review


Okay, so we’ve covered the basics of the roguelike now let’s see where we can take it. FTL follows the basic idea of a roguelike game, always pushing on through randomly generated locations unsure of what lurks around the corner. The difference is that this time you control a small crew aboard a star ship, jumping from sector to sector, travelling from star system to star system; trading, doing quests and trying to stay one step ahead of the oncoming tide of war ships hot on your tail. Continue reading


Desktop Dungeon Free: review


Roguelike games descend from the game Rogue released in the 80’s and can be identified by their randomly generated layout meaning that each time you play the game runs at least slightly differently. The problem with these games is that they often run toward the very hard end of the spectrum, carrying perma-death, meaning that a few simple mistakes can end your game often before you’ve come to grips with what the game is. Thus I present to you Desktop Dungeon; in particularly the free version still available on their website. Continue reading