What is wrong with ‘The Handmaids tale’? Or how feminist literature got outsmarted by a bunch of damned dirty apes.


Before Hulu can get the ball rolling on their own classic, speculative sci-fi and market their own book to telly series for those after a bit more than blood and tits I thought I’d put forward my own thoughts on where their story goes wrong. No I haven’t seen the show, yes I am going off the book so yes chances are this may be full of spoilers but no it shouldn’t affect anything major in ……………….


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FTL: Advanced edition a review


Okay, so we’ve covered the basics of the roguelike now let’s see where we can take it. FTL follows the basic idea of a roguelike game, always pushing on through randomly generated locations unsure of what lurks around the corner. The difference is that this time you control a small crew aboard a star ship, jumping from sector to sector, travelling from star system to star system; trading, doing quests and trying to stay one step ahead of the oncoming tide of war ships hot on your tail. Continue reading

H+: a digital series : a review


H+ the digital series is so named due to being about the “advancement of humanity” or creating a human plus and because it is a web or “digital” show available on youtube. It is set twenty minutes into the future and carries on the tradition of the march of technology in particular the onslaught of smart phones. See the world today is so small and so fast that we can longer afford to leave our computers; instead we have merely shrunk them down and laden them with games we would not normally bother playing. However for some this is not enough, in the time it takes you to lift your phone from your pocket the contract could be lost and so we have now placed them on our wrist like an old sci-fi video communicator except without the live video option, though I’m sure that’s coming in the next model. But for some this is not enough just think of all that effort and time wasted lifting your wrist up to eye level and so we have begun to strap them to our faces.’ H+ the digital series’ imagines a future one step beyond where we have injected them into our very bodies. Continue reading