What is ‘The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats up the Marvel Universe’?


Deadpool took out the Marvel universe in 2012 only to come back round for another go, Punisher and Wolverine have also both managed it at least twice now, so the question is; is there any point in one more go? Is there anything new, clever or witty to add to the whole one against many fan fic? Well we’re gonna find out in……………………………………..


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What is unbeatable Squirrel Girl?


sg13 Fresh off an appearance in Lego Marvel and known across the Marvel Universe as The Avengers on call child care Squirrel Girl is going solo. Okay in truth she is probably better known as the gag character who has taken down gods, from Thanos to Doctor Doom and it’s on record that it was in fact Doctor Doom and not a Doom bot or something. Created in the Golden, silver, shoulder pad and pouch age of comic books by Steve Ditko and Will Murray, so the man who created Spiderman and the man who created, well Squirrel Girl. She was an assault on the grim grittiness of comic books at the time and has remained so ever since, most notably in her time on the Great Lakes Avengers (but that’s a story for another time). A good comedic and light character who has managed not be used to death and beyond by a comic book firm is major news in this day and age but with news that Doreen Green will be getting her own series are we only here to witness the end of the late great Squirrel Girl? Continue reading