What is ‘Blue Beetle: Ted Kord Returns’?


From the man who brought you Spiderman and Doctor Strange comes, well basically Batman without the brooding angst. No not Green Arrow.

‘The Blue Beetle’.

Originally invented way back in 1939 The Blue Beetle was a popular character in the day, drawing in events at the worlds fair, radio serials and Jack ‘The King’ Kirby. Yet like most superheroes he went out of vogue in the forties and faded from view. Yet once they began to return so too did ‘The Blue Beetle’ ready to fight crime once more. Though now played by Ted Kord, protégée to Garrett and the child of aforementioned Steve Ditko. From the swinging sixties onward Kord fought crime as the wise cracking superhero, teaming up with various branches of the Justice League and even going mano a mnao with Superman killer ‘Doomsday’ (he was knocked out cold). That is until 2005 when he met his end via bullet in the brain pan, squish. This was the life of Ted Kord. That is until today, well 2012, when Ted Kord returned in……………


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