What is ‘The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats up the Marvel Universe’?


Deadpool took out the Marvel universe in 2012 only to come back round for another go, Punisher and Wolverine have also both managed it at least twice now, so the question is; is there any point in one more go? Is there anything new, clever or witty to add to the whole one against many fan fic? Well we’re gonna find out in……………………………………..


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How I would do ‘MCU: Phase 4’


We’ve now had about ten years of Marvel movies and we’re pretty much locked in for another ten but despite their master plan we actually don’t know how we’re getting their. Is this so they don’t spoil their own presentations again by confirming the likes of Iron Man 3 and Thor before Avengers is even out or is that because right now so much of it is up in the air? Either way once Avengers 4 hits theatres in 2019 we’re at the end of Phase 3 and this is how I would tackle ……………………..

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What is ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’?


In ancient times mutants ruled the world as gods. They were respected and feared, worshipped and obeyed. But to each time there must come an end as mortals rise up against these gods and supplant them with science and courage. Yet an artifact of that age remains, clinging on for life; that being………………………………………………………


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What is the week that was?


This week in the week that was:

Michael Bay might be a perv;

DC is bad at crediting creators;

Even Anime is running out of new ideas;

British comedians form their own political party;

Politicians sometimes tell lies;

Hollywood starts to realize that you can do accurate superhero costumes;

A major studio tells us it was only joking when it makes a mistake;

And a sitting down, social casual game is now a recognised sport, no not that one;

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What is Assault on Arkham?



The movie begins by dragging the Batman mythos into the modern age by Riddler meeting his match not to the encyclopedic knowledge of the world’s greatest detective but in the same old way that everyone answers any question, by google. However before Chekmate can be rewarded for their google-fu Batman sweeps in via a hectic fight scene powered by the righteous fury of all people who had to go and learn things the old fashioned way instead of installing the latest app. This sees him triumph and take the Riddle in for a good long stay at hotel Arkham, the mad house for all of Batman’s most dangerous foes.

Unfortunately for Batman he’s not dealing with some ninja bats this time  but instead must contend with CCH Pounder back as Amanda Waller, perhaps the only woman who can properly portray her both inside and outside of animation and certainly not say Oprah who couldn’t portray her in a flash youtube video. Amanda Waller who has a fury for anyone who hasn’t learnt the lesson about capes and with the attitude that the ends can and often do justify the means thus she uses the power of montage to acquire a team of villains and mercenaries such as Dum Dum Dungan, Starfire, Aquaman, Dan Dare, Gustavo ‘Gus’ Fring, Commander Shepard and Nolan North. Their job is to break their way into Arkham, claim the flash drive in Riddler’s cane and get out before Waller blows the bombs at the base of their necks for taking too long.

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