What is Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius



Okay a while ago I covered Sunrider: first arrival  the free, visual novel/ tactical rpg set in a space opera universe where shortly after gaining command of the newly commissioned star ship Sunrider you plan your three hour tour without many of the regular necessities content in the knowledge that you will however soon be home. However ‘PACT’ have a different idea and quickly storm into the system wiping out the ship yards and conquering the planet below. Now it is up to you Captain Kayto Shields to assemble a crew, a fleet of ryders (read fighters) and allies in the hope that one day you will be able to go home.

The question is why am I covering it again? Is this a sequel an update and why is my last review now kind of pointless?

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What is Sunrider: First Arrival?


Update 13-12-14: This review has now been supplanted by the more current review labeled Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius Though it shall be left up I encourage people to read that one instead. You are Captain Kayto Shields, freshly promoted and put in charge of one of the largest and most impressive ships in the fleet, the Sunrider. You arrive to find the ship resting majestically in space dock and prepare to take her out on a shakedown cruise. However before you can begin the evil Pact empire launches an all-out assault against your home world and forces you to flee into the depths of space to lick your wounds. Unfortunately due to this only being a planned shakedown cruise you are now stuck alone in the universe without many of the key components of your ship, like a medical officer or engineer. From here you must rally your troops, find allies and fight back. Continue reading

Katawa Shoujo: a review


Katawa Shojou probably came to most people’s attention with the statement that it was a dating sim, about disabled high schoolgirls, made by a bunch of people on 4chan. This raised about every red flag in the book and it is likely that people only picked it up at first with the intention of seeing a complete train wreck play out before their eyes. Now who came out of this happy, the people wanting this to succeed or fail is what I hope to find out.

Now before we get too far into the review I should probably cover the basics of the genre for those mysterious people who go outside and talk to each other. Visual novels are not a big thing in the western world but quite big in Japan and neighbouring territories. In them the game plays as you would guess very much like a comic or novel with often fixed screens and scrolling text along the bottom that the player is required to read. Often during the course of the game the player will at serveal moments be required to make a choice often concerning what should be said or where the characters should go next. The biggest of these outside of Japan would easily be the Ace Attorney series and so if you’re still not grasping the idea of a game with a static screen and reading required then perhaps you should go check one of them out. Continue reading