What is ‘Justice Riders’?


We’ve seen vampire Batman, we’ve seen communist Superman, now sit back for marshall Diana Prince. As we head into less a dramatic re imagining and more a sub par Wild Wild West ripoff. Which is quite impressive as this came first. So for those too lazy to read today there is your review and for the rest let’s saddle up and ride into………….


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Watt O’Hugh Underground: a review


This is the second book in the memoirs of: time traveling, rough around the edges, ghost leading, cowboy, Watt O’Hugh. The first thing you will notice is the change of covers from the slightly drab original cover to these new action packed colourful explosions clearly reminiscent of the kind of dime store, pulp tales stories that Mr O’Hugh is said to have starred in. Now I wouldn’t say the fit the tone of the books better than the original, as the actual stories fall somewhere in-between the two realities but they add a nice touch of humour and life and will definitely sell the series far better. Continue reading

The Ghosts of Watt O’Hugh: a review


The story goes that this novel was sat festering away at the back of Drachman’s mind until a stay in the hospital after working too long and too hard for a law firm. It was during this stay that he encountered the story of noted ex-lawyer, gunslinger and chin of the year winner Brisco County Jr. The semi-factual science fiction/fantasy adventure spurned Drachman on to finish his own tale with the intention that Brisco and Watt would one day meet up to fight bad guys and ride into the sunset together.

For those who know of Brisco County Jr you will already have an idea about the nature of this book but for those who don’t I will explain. ‘Watt O Hugh the third’ is a good natured man riding along during the time of the wild west. He encounters outlaws and bandits as well as a smattering of real world historical figures and inventions, often slightly out of place or time. Nothing major mind you but perhaps a few years out, or attributed to the wrong man. Think of the invention of Velcro by aliens in ‘Taken’ or ‘Star Trek Enterprise’ and you won’t be too far off the mark. However while Brisco dabbled in the occult and tried to offer an explanation for everything, usually by pointing the finger at the “orb” and muttering something about future tech Watt O Hugh dives into the occult feet first and while the story is decent and the characters interesting and the voice of said character strong and likeable it does leave you more than a little puzzled. Continue reading