What is ‘Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn’?


In January Marvel is going to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Britain’s premier super hero team. Now I guess reuniting them isn’t such a big deal when three of them are currently already on the same team but dragging the married and child blessed couple out is another matter altogether. After all while most X-fans know who Kitty, Kurt and even Rachel are the Merlin empowered defender of Britain is another matter. Still it’s hardly the first time the world of the X has dived deep into Captain Britain’s life and for that we must go back, maybe not to the beginning but to a beginning; to the first time………………………………..

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What’s wrong with ‘X-men: Blue’ Issue 1?


You may think you’ve read that title wrong or I’m under some misapprehension and that this should be another complaint about the racist artwork snuck into yesterdays X-men: Gold. But I read that book and didn’t even notice it so clearly I’m not the guy for that task so instead I shall stick with what I know and complain about………………….

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What is ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’?


In ancient times mutants ruled the world as gods. They were respected and feared, worshipped and obeyed. But to each time there must come an end as mortals rise up against these gods and supplant them with science and courage. Yet an artifact of that age remains, clinging on for life; that being………………………………………………………


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Best X-men Team?


Geek History Lesson is a podcast that typically takes one character, group or construct from pop culture and reads the wiki page to you for about an hour. Hosted by a guy described as the Jar-Jar Binks of podcasting the series occasionally tries something a bit different.

One such episode allowed the two presenters to pitch their own X-Men team. Now they laid down the ground rules and so now, with nothing better to blog about I decided to try my own.

So I present to you the ‘Best X-men Team’?

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What is the week that was?


This week in the week that was;

Stephen Amell might be the best thing DC has at the moment,

A popular television show might be being brought back,

A popular, upper class British actor will be getting work in Hollywood,

Hollywood struggles to adapt a popular eighties cartoon,

Fox comes to the conclusion that they might have messed up X-men a bit too much,

A superhero gains a secret identity

As another looses it

All this and more in the week that was.

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What is the week that was?


This week in the week that was:

Michael Bay might be a perv;

DC is bad at crediting creators;

Even Anime is running out of new ideas;

British comedians form their own political party;

Politicians sometimes tell lies;

Hollywood starts to realize that you can do accurate superhero costumes;

A major studio tells us it was only joking when it makes a mistake;

And a sitting down, social casual game is now a recognised sport, no not that one;

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